Why Eat Local?

Freshness & Flavor
Your Health  
Your Knowledge of Growing Practices   
Community Connections   

Your connection to the land
Farmers' Working Conditions
Farmers' Incomes
The Local Economy
Crop Variety
Our Food security
The Health of the Planet

What is Our Local Food Shed?

Our local food shed is within a 50 mile radius from downtown Cincinnati and the Central Ohio River watershed. Although many use 100 miles as the boundary,we drew the line at 50 to make this project manageable. We include growers within a 100 mile radius who regularly sell within the 50 mile radius.

How Do I Know it's Local?

Ask your local growers to label what they grow. Read the label. Ask your Farmers’ Markets to have clear policies about labeling food products.Ask your Restaurants, Artisan/Cottage producers, and Grocery Stores to label what is local (and the source). To know your food, know your farmer.

What’s Sustainably Grown?

Sustainable growing practices are those which are likely to last for generations. And don’t we want our children’s children to thrive? Local does not equal sustainable. Let’s grow the conversation about sustainability.

A CSA is an economic model of food production and distribution where growers and consumers share the risks and benefits. CSA members pay in advance of the growing season for an anticipated share of the harvest. Once harvesting begins, they receive weekly shares of vegetables and fruits. Many CSAs include herbs, flowers, honey, eggs, dairy and meat for an additional price.

What is Community Supported Agriculture (CSA)?